Air Fryer Chicken Breast – How to Cook Chicken Breasts in an Air Fryer

Air fryer chicken breast is one of the easiest ways to cook a succulent, tasty meal that your family will enjoy, and it’s easy to make.

Air fried chicken breasts

Air Fryer Chicken Breast

You may not think so, but air frying is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to prepare chicken breast. 

Air frying yields juicy, trustworthy chicken breasts. It is a delicious and fast way to cook chicken breast. 

A healthy way to prepare chicken breast

Chicken breasts are a popular choice for meals as they are relatively inexpensive and healthy and they can be cooked in many different ways however, cooking the chicken breast in an air fryer makes for a fast, delicious, and healthy choice.

Also, chicken breasts are one of the most versatile cuts of meat. They can be prepared in many different ways, and they taste delicious. 

Air frying chicken breast is a particularly healthy way as you don’t need extra oil for searing in a pan or on the grill. 

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Sliced Air fryer chicken breast

Versatile and Foolproof recipe

Air fryer chicken breast recipe is a favorite in our house because this cut of meat cooks quickly, is easy to prepare, and is also healthy because it is low in fat.

 It’s simple and easy to make and virtually foolproof — so if you are a beginner cook, then it’s an ideal meal for you to try out your new air fryer on!

If you love chicken, then you will likely enjoy this recipe. It’s simple and easy to make and virtually foolproof — so if you are a beginner cook, then it’s an ideal meal for you to try out your new air fryer on!

How to Make air fryer chicken breast: A Quick And Easy Guide

  • Prep the chicken: The first thing you should do is to prepare the chicken. If it is frozen, be sure to thaw it before cooking it. 
  • Season the chicken: If you possibly can, season them well in advance – an hour or so is ideal, but it’s not necessary. If you prefer, you can replace the spice blend included in this recipe with your favorite spice blend.
  • Cook the chicken: Halfway through cooking, flip the chicken breasts to ensure even cooking and rich color on all sides. 
  • Test for doneness: You may never know when the chicken is done unless you use an instant-read thermometer-cooked chicken breast is done when the thickest part of it reaches 165°F.
  • Serve over salad
Ingredients for making air fryer chicken breast

Tips for cooking chicken breast in an air fryer

The secret to cooking a juicy chicken breast is to cook it at a higher temperature, which seals the meat and prevents moisture from evaporating.

Air-fried chicken breast should be air-fried at 400°F for 15 minutes. This will result in a perfectly browned exterior and a moist, tender interior. 

How long to cook chicken breast in an Air fryer?

The cooking time for chicken breast in an air fryer depends on the thickness of the meat, but generally, you should cook it for about 15 minutes at 400F degrees Celsius.

Adapting and adjusting the cooking time

Knowing how to cook chicken breast in an air fryer is pretty straightforward; here are some tips to note when adjusting the cooking time:

  • Boneless chicken breasts – 12-15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (skinless or with skin).
  • Bone-in chicken breasts (skinless or skin on): 25-28 mins @ 400°F
  • Frozen boneless chicken breasts (skinless or skin on): 25-30 mins @ 360°F

This is just an estimate for the average time for cooking chicken breast. The actual times depend on the size of the chicken breast.

View my collection of chicken breast recipes

These chicken breast recipes will introduce you to a variety of cooking methods that you can use to cook with chicken breast. You will be able to make everything from burgers to roasts, soups and stews, fajitas, and more. 


Be sure to place the chicken breast in a single layer on the bottom of the basket to make it easier for the air to circulate around it. 

Here are some other creative recipes for your air-fried chicken!

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