I?ve never cheated on my wife and I don?t entertain slay queens – Kenyan politician

Simba Arati, a Kenyan lawmaker who is serving his second term in Parliament and currently running for the Kisii County gubernatorial seat, has bragged about not cheating on his wife. 


Speaking in Kisii during a rally at his hometown in Nyamache,  Arati praised his Chinese wife as he introduced her to his supporters.


He said; 


“She helps me. I have never cheated on her. I don’t entertain slay queens or funny women.” 


The politician’s wife who stood up to address the supporters, first danced to a Kisii vernacular song that praises her husband. She then spoke in fluent Kisii language as she introduced herself as Kwamboka.


She said; 


“My name is Kwamboka and I’m the wife of Simba. Thank you for coming. I request that you vote for our leader Simba Arati (for the governor seat).”

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