KFC At It Once Again. See What Happened Last Night

KFC is now always trending, but for all the wrong reasons. People always come out with pictures, unpleasant ones, complaining about KFC and the condition of its chicken. This doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and it continues to be a problem. 

There are people who even assume that people are saying all these things for the sake of saying them. Some think people are sharing old pictures. However, these people wouldn’t just claim because KFC might ask for receipts and also expose them for lying. 

Imagine craving KFC, and actually ordering it for supper, only to discover that there are Fly eggs in your chicken. A woman took to Twitter to share her experience with KFC, and KFC also responded to her. They asked her to send them an inbox. She found fly eggs on her chicken, and this is not something that one would avoid.

It is not clear if KFC is missing something, or they are doing this on purpose. However, there have been a number of complaints from different people, without any changes. How do you think they should fix this. 

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