Common Stew Seasoning That Is Very Dangerous To Your Health

In most African countries, the reddish stew is a common delicacy that is being made every Sunday or during Christmas time. This food is loved by all because it is very sweet when made with the right ingredients.

 But what many people failed to know is that there is some seasoning that we put in our stew which is bad for our health.

To enhance the taste and quality of our food, the use of chemically produced food seasonings is now a common practice. And these chemically produced food seasonings/spices that are made for stew have replaced the traditional and natural food spices which we all know.

Some of these natural seasonings that were used for making stew include sesame seeds, African carob, etc. Apart from the great taste it provides, they are also good in nutrition and add a great benefit to our health.

 1. Bouillon / Seasoning Cube

Some of the ingredients that are used in making seasoning cubes are salt, hydrogenated oil (trans fat), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and umami.

Because of these elements, seasoning, cubes is sweet, it has a long-lasting flavor, and are delicious when it is used to cook food especially stew.

However, research has found these elements used in cooking food can be detrimental to the health of humans.

 2. Salt

Salt is another seasoning that is bad for the health. As we all know, the intake of excessive salt in food can increase blood pressure and could lead to stroke.

 3. Artificial food coloring

Food coloring is another example of seasoning that affects us. And this is known to be more the most dangerous seasoning than any other food additive. 

Artificial food coloring that we add to our meals can cause health problems such as altering the functioning of the immune system, toxic pollutants that cause hypersensitivity especially in children, and many others.

Note that the addition of these elements in our food like salt is not bad, but the consumption of too much salt or seasoning cubes is what Is bad for our health.



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