For Mothers: 14 Healthy And Yummy Meals You Should Prepare For Your Family On The 1st

There are many ways to make meals healthier and more nutritious. A balanced and healthy meal should contain the six classes of food in the right proportion.

As a mother, it might be a bit stressful, tasking and exhausting coming up with different food ideas. This is the reason why you ought to prepare a cooking timetable. By so doing, you wouldn’t have to stress yourself over what to prepare for your family.

On the 1st of every new year, a lot of family celebrate and jubilate. As a mother, you can make your family happy on the 1st by preparing different healthy and yummy meals for them such as;

1. Beans and plantain.

2. Rice and beans.

3. Fried rice and chicken.

4. Salad.

5. Porridge plantain.

6. Rice and vegetables.

7. Fried yam and sauce.

8. Fried potatoes and eggs.

9. Boiled yam and sauce.

10. Spaghetti and meatballs.

11. Macaroni and stew.

12. Moi moi.

13. Jollof rice.

14. African salad.

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