For Mothers; Different Meals Your Children Can Take To School Next Year

As a mother, you ought to know what your child likes and what he/she doesn’t like. Kids are amazing and should be treated with love and proper attention.

As a mother, there are some certain things you should do when preparing meals for your kids.

Firstly, try to make your child’s food attractive. A lot of kids are very selective and picky when it comes to food. If your child is like this, then you should always prepare a very delicious, yummy and attractive meal. You can pack a fruit juice, fruits or any other thing delicious and healthy alongside your child’s meal.

As a mother, you ought to be very creative and innovative. Always think of new food ideas. Find something different that your child will love. If your child does not like boiled yam, you can decide to serve him/her fried yam. The aim is to ensure your child feeds properly and healthy.

1. Potatoes.

2. Rice and sauce.

3. Noodles and eggs.

4. Toasted bread.

5. Fried rice and chicken.

6. Spaghetti.

7. Fried plantain and eggs.

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