3 Types Of Foods You Eat Often That Are Destroying Your Kidney

The kidney is one of the important organs of the body that deserves to be well taken care of. But there are some foods you eat daily that are destroying your kidneys. In this article, I will educate you on some of the foods that are destroying your kidney.

1. Refined foods

The first food that destroys your kidneys daily is processed food. Processed foods are eaten by lots of people daily, but this food contains high amounts of sodium and phosphorus which are used for preserving the food. These chemicals destroy the kidneys.

2. Deep-fried foods

Another food that destroys the kidneys is fried food. Fried food contains high amount of accumulated fat which destroys the kidneys. These fried foods include bean cakes (akara), potatoes, fried plantains and lots more.

3. Sugary and carbonated beverages

Another food that you eat every day that destroys the kidneys is carbonated drinks and foods that are high in sugar. If these foods are eaten every day, it causes weight gain and damages the kidneys.

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