Sticking to the Recipe… Not

I’m not much of a recipe follower as, I would imagine, most experienced cooks aren’t either. Recipes for me are general guidelines for ingredients and methods. A lot of the time I use what’s in the house. I could care less if it’s the “Classic” way to make something, as they say the proof is in the pudding. Yesterday, for example, I made spaghetti carbonara. I had a nice hunk of Parmesan Reggiano and for the first time in my life, a piece of Guanciale. I also had some heavy cream leftover from Christmas dinner’s dessert Crème Brulé that I wanted to utilize. I know to some, using heavy cream instead of eggs in Alfredo or Carbonara is criminal but the dish I made yesterday couldn’t have turned out much better. I’m not bragging about my cooking ability because it wasn’t so much about technique, it was about good ingredients. Note: I searched long and hard for Guanciale but I wouldn’t do so again. The cheaper and easier to obtain pancetta would work just as well.

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