Help The Cops Catch This Man Please

As good as a lot of relationship could be when they start for that’s where more fun and games are had, As we walk unto 2022 if you ever find yourself in a situation wereby you are being pursued my a man asking you to get into a romantic relationship with him please try as much as possible not to fall in love at fight sight, Normalize asking around to know what kind of person he is and what he is capable of especially when he is furious.

It has come to my attention that a lot of us tend to think that taking warnings,friendly advises from people who know our partners is wrong and This advises could be full of mischief but truth is that’s what could save a lot of us from what we end up going through with a lot of these man we fall for, Look around you there’s always women complaining about men abusing them and doing them bad in various ways which is no good news at all an, although there’s never been a scale to measure when one has overdone it or not,

There are pics making rounds showing what a man did to his woman and by looking at these pics am pretty sure you will also see that the guy has overdone it. Refer to the pics attached below please.

According to my source :, What happened here was that she was having a romantic relationship with the guy on the pic attached below.

Then her and her guy stumbled upon some differences as the relationship was going by so with things being that way her boyfriend ended up stabbing her and also burning her alive, but luckily she survive, No only did he just do that he also went as far as burning her house down to ashes and took off, So right now as we speak he is still on the run and anyone who happens to see him or know of his warebouts is advised to report him instantly,

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