4 kinds of ladies men want as wives

The choice of a man in a lady differs according to personality, size, shape and physique but the idea of ending up with the right woman applies to all men without exception. It is quite easy for a man to find a woman but it is difficult for a man to find his match.

Finding a good lady with good qualities to marry is not an easy task because sometimes, the ladies, out of desperation can do whatever it takes to get a man which includes faking their character so as not to be noticed.

For men who wish to go into a serious relationship or marriage, you must lookout for these signs in a lady before going ahead to settle down with her. Below are the four kinds of women men would want to marry

1. A submissive lady

This is the number one and most crucial quality a lady should have because it is based on this quality that a marriage will last. Men want a very respective woman who would be faithful to them in a relationship and marriage.

2. A good cook

There is a popular saying that the way to a man’s heart is through the kitchen. That alone justifies this second quality a woman should have. Men dislike the idea of going to eat outside when they have a woman at home. According to marriage experts, women who last longer in their homes possess these qualities.

3. A supportive lady

The wish of most men is to find a lady who would not be a liability to them but instead, a woman who can contribute to the welfare of the family. Gone are the days when a woman does nothing but stay at home as a housewife. In this era, with the increase of commodities in the market, a woman should be able to support her husband in managing their home.

4. A romantic lady

Men love women who know their way around a man’s body. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are an addict but the idea of making them feel relaxed is what they crave most of the time.

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