20 most “cursed” photos on the Internet, looking at it for too long can cause dizziness, dizziness, insomnia at night

Both weird and a bit scary, but the photos below have such a strong appeal that people have to look at them for a long time without leaving the screen.

Anyone who believes in epidemics, calamities, or real-life curses will definitely want to turn away from the collection of images below. “Cursed images” on the internet is a concept that refers to a series of images that appear unfortunate or unsightly, the main purpose of which is to frighten others.

Such images have a very strong appeal, which is spread very quickly on social networks, some people are excited to share but many people want to stay away.

An angry Jeep because it was left outside all night.

In one picture, we have batman, a moth, and a man holding an egg.

Are cats really UFOs – unidentified objects of extraterrestrial origin?

Try to keep things simple sometimes.

Let’s hop on the bus.

Everyone is ready. Me too.

What you looking at?

Sitting like this increases ATK by 200% and Attack Speed by 50%.

Stairway to heaven?

Sometimes it is too late to know the truth.

A crying bride, a crow, and a pizza, nothing seems out of the ordinary in this carriage.

A good day for gamers.

How Dogecoin changes throughout the years.

Invincible love.

Welcome back.

Bringing a pet like this is both clean and neat. People need to do this more often.

A creepy image here.

The view is nice.

Are you ready?

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