Top 10 Most Amazing Sculptures That You May Never Believe Exist

1. Karma found in the USA

The karma sculptor is found in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA in an arts museum. The sculpture was made by a Korean man and artist Do Ho Suh. A look at it may make you thing that the it has no end. It is 23 ft high and was built using stainless steel. The sculptor shows a group of men That have been blinded and doing what looks like attempting to reach the sky.

2. The balancing bronze sculpture found in Dubai

This is one of the most amazing works of art you have ever seen. These bronze sculpture should actually be one of the wonders of the world. The fact That it is able to balance defies every law of gravity that we have ever been taught. The sculpture was made by a polish man called Jerzy Kedziora and it’s absolutely amazing to look at.

3. De violist

The artists that made this one in a million sculpture chose to make themselves anonymous. The floor was actually broken and in it installed the violinist. The sculpture is found in stopera concert hall and it’s absolutely amazing especially to those who see it for the first time. It was constructed by anonymous artists in 1991.

4. Gerry Judah’s Sculpture of Porsche

This is one of the most amazing artworks in history done by an artist by the name Gerry Judah. He was actually given the task by the Porsche company to when they were celebrating their 50 years and he did one of the most remarkable jobs. In the sculpture there are 3 cars Porsche cars that look as of they are going to the sky.

5. The staircase to the sky

The sculpture found in Disney was done by David Mc Cracken and is one of kind. It reminds us of the tower of babel which was a human attempt to try and reach heaven. The staircase to the sky is actually the staircase that leads nowhere but to what looks like the sky. A simple look at it makes it seem like it’s height is Infinite.

6. The balancing elephant in France

One cannot even imagine how the huge elephant is able to balance in the Paris Castle of Fontainebleau. The sculpture was done by Daniel Firman who had a theory that said it’s possible for an elephant to balance on its trunk it suspended at a height of 1800km above the ground. The sculpture was actually a real representation of his theory.

7. Sculptures underwater in Mexico

The amazing work of art underwater in Mexico is on another level. The sculptures look so real thanks to the amazing work of Jason Taylor.

8. The ‘diamonds’ of Australia

Australia is on another level when it comes to the making of unique sculptures like the diamond sculpture in the photo above. It looks like the ball has been freely suspended in the air and that makes it even more amazing. It Neil Dawson who is known for making such unique sculptures.

10. The Bather

This is one of the most unique yet amazing sculptures in the world. Bather is found in Germany and it shows a woman whose head and part of her legs are above the water while the rest of the body is underwater. It looks like the woman is in a bathtub and it’s absolutely amazing.

Which of the above sculptures do you think is the most unique. Share your thoughts on the comment section below and so don’t forget to like and share this article.

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