THlS Proves That We Are Not All Gifted With Common Sense.

Finding a delicate yet appealing balance between form and function is the goal of good design. Though much depends on what you want to accomplish, a good rule of thumb is to make your designs basic so that they are easily understood, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. However, some people toss the rulebook out the window and into the dumpster. Then they just wing it.

Even if terrible house interior design is something you should avoid socially, you can’t deny that it may be entertaining… as long as we’re not talking about your house! Bored Panda wants to help you laugh and feel better about having to stay in your nice home during the lockdown, so we’ve compiled a list of the funniest, most facepalm-worthy interior design blunders that demonstrate that common sense is actually pretty unusual.

Are you in the mood for some more horrendous examples of design? Well, once you’re done scrolling through this list and upvoting your fave horrible design pics, we invite you to check out earlier posts about design fails here, here, and here.

The First Steps You Can’t See

#2 It Goes Down The Drain

#3 A Bathroom Has Been Installed At My Uncle’s House.

#4 My Under-The-Stairs Friend

#5 I Can’t Get This Sink Out of My Head

#6 A Sofa Maker Created A Kitchen

#7 At the very least, you don’t have to reach

#8 The All-Powerful Toilet Throne.

#9 All it needs is a soda fountain and a jukebox.

#10 Consider the inconvenience of having to scrub or clean it.

#11 I nearly fell and rolled my ankle on this one.

#12 New Kitchen Design

#13 What Is the Purpose of Wood Separation?

#14 The Fridge Fit Boss, indeed.

#15 My Parents Have A Bathroom With

#16 Who Says Crown Molding Is Overdone?

#17 I Believe My Stairs Will Fit Here

#18 Middle Class Fridge. Aesthetics of a Lower Class

#19 This Isn’t A Mirror; It’s A Doorway

#20 A Shower Designed To Be As Difficult As Possible

#21 This Bathroom Covered In Carpet

#22 This Single Square Inch Of Raised

#23 I Can Just Imagine The Whole

#24 You Animals, Wash Your Hands

#25 Consider attempting to piss while

#26 These Stairs Lead To A Bedroom Loft.

#27 My friend recently completed a kitchen remodel.

#28 Please pray for the contractor who had to call these homeowners and explain why they needed a second set of front doors.

#29 Today, my mother was hit in the toe with this and was bleeding. I despise this kitchen.

#30 Why Is The Big Face Bleeding, Why Is The Monkey Bleeding, Why Is The Monkey Bleeding, Why Is The Monkey Bleeding, Why

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