6 Yummy Yam Recipes You Should Try Out This Weekend

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Yam is a staple food in Nigeria. The good thing about yam is that there are so many healthy and nutritious meals one can make from yam.

Like potatoes, yam is a healthy energy giving tuber that can be used to make all sorts of traditional and modern delicacies.

Yams are also rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and dietary fiber which helps to improve heart health.

These are 6 Nigerian meals you can make with yam.

Pounded Yam

Pounded Yam Blender

Pounded yam is one of the African delicacies most Nigerians will list as their favorite meal. Made from Yam, it is one of the best swallows out there and can be eaten with Egusi, Efo, Oha and the likes.

This meal can be tedious to prepare yet with this blender hack you can save yourself the stress of pounding and still enjoy delicious “Pounded Yam”

Yam Pancakes

Image result for Yam Pancakes

Yam pancakes are like pancakes but made from yam. This is a unique and refreshing recipe you can try your hands on.

Yam Pepper Soup

Image result for Yam Pepper Soup 

Yam Pepper Soup is a South-South delicacy that can certainly be referred to as comfort food. It is perfect for cold days, as it leaves you feeling refreshed and warm. The rich mix of spices gives a delicious taste that is authentic to the African cuisine.


Image result for Yamarita

Yamarita or egg-coated yam is just as the names imply. Yam pieces that have been coated in an egg mixture are deep-fried until they have a crunched -looking outer layer. They can be eaten either with fried stew any other form of sauce you choose.

Stuffed Yam Balls

Stuffed Yam Balls Recipe

Yam balls can be eaten as snacks, or main meal depending on the amount you eat at a time. You can also serve it as an appetizer when hosting a dinner party. It is suitable for children’s lunch and it can be healthy when eaten in moderation.

Yam Porridge

Sweet Potato Porridge Recipe

Yam porridge is a staple food in Nigeria which is quite popular in the western part of Nigeria. It is fondly called Asaro (also known as Ebe and this is due to its method of preparation.

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