VIDEO: They are eating from one big plate


These men and women are eating from the same plate with a platter served for everyone on the table. They are doing something similar to what is being done, but mostly by men. Women, on the whole, do not like the idea of eating from the same plate as everyone else.

It looks like something not preferred by them. What is the real reason they can’t have a meal like this just by being themselves? They are aware of it, but they are not detailing what is the real reason behind. Even if they are living together as siblings.


When it comes to males, it is done all the time and they really loving it. It serves you well as you will not have to dish for one person at a time. For a change, it is possible for all of them, but it is not only women on the table. There are men on the table, and that could be the reason for them accepting such a beautiful moment.

It is fascinating to view them from the video clip, because they are doing something that you would not see every day. Whatever the reason for making them eat on the same plate, it is definitely a good motive. Maybe because of this one, more males and females would come together for a meal. It is very great if you have not experienced it.


Maybe women will also have their moments when it is just about them and having a meal on one plate. People should be able to have a meal together regardless of their respective gender. It brings people together, and if you do it with your siblings, you would have a good relationship.

They are conversing at the same time they are eating. When it comes to women, they are used to being in situations where they are speaking at the same time. At this table, they are all speaking what they want to say, and it is surprising to listen to what they are actually talking about. It is really surprising.



1. Frozen: Straight with two beers. 

2. Munyai: Seven different topics in seven minutes. 

Most of the responses are coming in their language, and if you cannot read their language, it is going to be very difficult to understand what they are saying with their interaction.


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