The Delicious Afang Soup Recipe

I will be talking about one of my most favourite soup. The Afang soup is a native to the Efik ethnic group in Nigeria. Its both loved by the Cross rivers and akwaiboms. Very nutritious vegetable soup. One of the major ingredient is the okazi leave. So delicious that it keeps you asking for more.

Most people confused the Afang soup with the okazi soup. The okazi soup is a native of the abia and imo state of Nigeria. The soup is made with thinly sliced okazi leaves and most people call the okazi soup “the Nigerian egusi soup” . While Afang soup is prepared with basically vegetables.

 Ingredients for the Afang soup

Let’s first go to the market and get our ingredents for our delicious Afang soup.

-400g sliced Okazi/Afang leaves (about 4 handfuls)

-250g Water leaves

-red palm oil (about 1 drink glass)

-Beef, Kanda and Dry fish(buy all of you can or select)

-ground crayfish

-Pepper and salt

-2 stock cubes

Note: Make sure you get your palm oil because the Afang leaves needs much.

 Before you cook the Afang soup

Now we are back from the market.

—Wash, drain and slice your water leaves into tiny pieces.

—Then you grind or pound the sliced Okazi leaves. Although most market sellers would save you the stress and help you to sliced Okazi leaves have a machine for grinding it.

—Grind your pepper and crayfish and cut your onions into tiny pieces.

 Cooking Directions

Now your set for the final stage.

1. You boil the beef and Kanda with the onions you sliced and stock cubes in a very small quantity of water.

2. When done, add the dry fish and cook for about 5 to 7 minutes.

3. You add the palm oil, crayfish and pepper and let it boil. Once it starts boiling, add the afang (okazi) leaves, water leaves and periwinkle.

4. When the okazi leaves have softened and the water has dried up a bit, add a small amount of salt and leave to simmer for about 5 minutes.


Served with pounded yam, fufu, Eba or semovita

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