Simple Way To Cook Your Catfish Pepper Soup To Get All The Health Nutrients

Catfish pepper soup is a meal that is enjoyed so much especially when it is well prepared with the right ingredients.

It can be eaten like that or with any other food like rice, yam, plantain and others according to your choice. Catfish has been found to have great nutrients which helps our body in different ways.

It contains healthy fat like Omega 3 fatty acid which helps to keep the heart strong. It is also rich in minerals, lean protein and vitamins.

Well, catfish can be prepared using different methods, but this article will reveal a simple way to cook it in order to get all the healthy nutrients.

The simple ingredients needed for this meal are catfish, onions, pepper, maggi, salt, water, utazi leaf, pepper soup spices etc.

Often times, some people fry this fish in order to get another good taste, but we already know that frying our foods is not good for our health.

Frying produces more fat thereby destroying the nutrients in the food. So the method used for catfish pepper soup should be boiling so that we can get all the nutrients. The link below has more to say:

Method of preparation: Get your catfish and slice them into desired shape. Then, wash properly with hot water to remove all the slimy outer skin.

When this is done, the fish can now be transferred into a clean pot and all the ingredients such as maggi, pepper, salt, onions and the pepper soup spices can be added to the pot.

Add the quantity of water which will be good enough to boil the fish. Then cover the pot to heat up, add the utazi leaf, taste for salt and allow it to boil for about 10 minutes then your catfish pepper soup is ready.

With this simple method, you can be sure that you are eating a healthy meal.

Pictures credited to Healthline and All Nigerian foods.

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