I acknowledged Wizkid as a superstar before he became one

Nigerian singer and actor, Olubankole Wellington better known as Banky W, has opened up on how he saw Wizkid as a superstar even before he became one.

Speaking during a radio interview shared on Instagram, Banky revealed that he named Wizzy’s first album ‘Superstar’ because he did not want people to see the Joro crooner as an upcoming artiste.

He said: “I am proud of what Wizkid is doing. I named his first album, ‘Superstar’, because that is what I wanted people to refer to him as, not as an up-and-coming act that he was back then.’’

“That is why it is good to invest in people. We played a small part in their beginning but look at what he (Wizkid) is now doing for others. As an artiste, it is important to find one’s voice.

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