Here are some Nigerian foods for weight gain

There are many people struggling to gain weight; well, one major factor that can affect your weight is what you eat. Have you ever wondered which foods can help you gain weight?

This write-up contains various Nigerian foods you can consume to gain more weight at a very fast pace, and you can find them below.

1. Rice


Rice is one of the most popular Nigerian foods, and it is consumed virtually every day in typical Nigerian homes.

Aside from being a popular and nutritious food, rice is a good choice for you if you intend gaining more weight with Nigerian foods because it is an excellent source of carbohydrates, which plays an important role in weight gain.

A cup of cooked rice contains between 190 and 200 calories, 43 grams of carbs, and a meager amount of fat, which means you will get a significant amount of carbs and calories per serving.

This will, in turn, help deal with quick fullness and also intensify your crave for food.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can incorporate rice to your meal; you can add it to other protein sources and pre-made meals,

Eat it with other meals containing proteins and vegetables, combine it with some proteins and healthy fats, to mention but a few.

2. Whole Eggs


Eggs are one of the most beneficial foods across the world, some of which includes weight gain and muscle building.

They also provide the human body with a greater amount of proteins and healthy fats, which are essential for healthy living, special thanks to the yolk.

As someone who intends gaining more weight, egg is one of the foods you should never ignore because of its powerful nutrients,

And the good news is that they are not that expensive – an egg is sold within the range of 30 – 100 naira in Nigeria (depending on your current area/state of residence).

If you’ve not been eating eggs before, then it is high time you incorporate them into your meal!

3. Yams and Tubers


Yam is yet another regularly-consumed Nigerian food, and one thing about this great food is that it is an ideal, healthy choice for people willing to gain weight with Nigerian foods.

What makes yam a great food for weight gain is because it contains a significant amount of carbohydrate and dietary fibre, which plays a crucial role in the weight gain process.You can eat yam regularly to gain more weight.

4. Dairy products


Numerous people have successfully used Milk in gaining more weight and building muscle since time immemorial, and it is still very effective.

Milk contains a sizable amount of proteins, carbs and fats, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, which is the reason behind its high effectiveness.

Perhaps you don’t want to gain only more weight but muscle as well consuming more milk is a great way to start.

5. Avocados

Nigerian foods for weight gain

Avocados are excellent sources of healthy fats, and unlike other whole fruits, they are somewhat calorie-dense, which makes them a great food for weight gain.

On average, a big avocado fruit contains more than 300 calories, 29 grams of fat as well as 17 grams of fiber.

They also contain significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and several other beneficial plant compounds.

To use avocado for weight gain, you can add the fruit to your meals or combine them with other dishes.

6. Meat

Red meat

Eating more meat is strongly believed to cause weight gain, and rightly so. Meat is a great source of protein and carbohydrates. You need to eat enough protein to gain weight the healthy way.

They are various kinds of healthy meat you can eat to gain weight; some are chicken, lean beef, lamb meat, suya, and  red meat.

Add more meat to your diet, along with vegetables too, and cook it properly to make it healthy.

7. Snacks

Some healthy Nigerian snacks that can help you gain weight include Okpa, Sausage rolls, Bean cake (Akara), Chin-chin, Egg rolls, plantain chips, buns, peanut butter, and fish rolls.

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