5 Reasons Why You Always Feel Hungry Even After Eating Fully

Food is essential to the human body. Without food, humans cannot survive because, our bodies needs food for energy.

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When the body lacks enough food it sends a signal to brain which makes us feel hungry. After eating fully, the feeling of hunger is meant to stop immediately.

But if you continue noticing that you feel hungry even after eating fully then, their is a problem with you that has probably not been diagnosed yet.

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Here Are Five Reasons Why You Always Feel Hungry Even After Eating Fully

1. Low Blood Sugar: the body gets its energy from sugar which it transforms to, glucose and stores in the blood. When your blood sugar level is too low, it can cause hunger as well as, other issues.

Low blood sugar is caused by factors like; hepatitis, kidney problems, diabetes etc. Other signs of low blood sugar includes; anxiety, sweating, paleness, shaking and so on.

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2. Diet: protein-rich foods like; beans and diary products can keep you full for a reasonable time. Also, foods that contain healthy fats like, fish and nuts can keep a person full. Although, high fat foods like white bread and junks can keep you full they are not very healthy.

But, fiber-rich foods like; fruits, whole grains and vegetables can easily cause hunger. Drinking zero sugar soft drinks also causes hunger.

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3. Diabetes: instead of sending glucose into the cells, the body of a diabetic person passes the glucose out through the urine. People who have diabetics especially, type 1 diabetes usually feel hungry even when they have eaten fully.

Other signs of diabetes includes; frequent urination, unexplained, wounds that takes time to heal etc.

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4. Lack Of Sleep And Stress: not getting enough sleep causes sleep deprivation and when the body is sleep deprived, it can affect the hormones that controls hunger.

Lack of sleep causes constant hunger. Stress is a state of mental tension. Stress can induce continous insatiable hunger.

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5. Drugs: all drugs have side effects and the side effects of some drugs is hunger.

For example, multivitamins supplements, drugs used to treat allergies, antidepressants, steroids, antipsychotic drugs and some drugs used for treating diabetes can cause hunger even when the person involved has eaten a full meal.

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