5 Meals You Should Avoid Eating Before Going To Bed

Food is very good and essential for humans and are sometimes enjoyed most at night. However, as much as you want to swallow that big handful of pounded yam at the end of the day, there are certain things you should know.

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In this article, we would be looking at some Nigerian meals you should avoid eating before going to bed. But before I list them, let me clarify something here. These foods I would be listing below are not painted as bad foods, but rather eating them before going to bed has some disadvantages that many of us don’t know. That is what we would be discussing below.

1. Pounded Yam

Like any other energy-giving food, pounded yam is best taken in the afternoon when you need all the energy required for your daily activities. When taken at night, it only makes you feel heavy and if you keep repeating it for long, you put yourself at a risk of becoming overnight or obese. This is because it converts all the energy the food is supposed to release into the body as fats and stores them in the adipose tissue for use later, which makes you add more weight.

2. Chocolate And Other Sugary Foods

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You don’t eat chocolate in the hope to fill you because it is not a filling snack. Meanwhile, sugary foods have the same side effects as energy-giving foods. So, eating chocolate and other sugary foods before going to bed can cause running stomach and purging later in the night.

3. Fries

It isn’t advisable to consume fried foods at night because of the oil content present in it. They are high in calories and fat, and also weigh on your stomach, which takes a while to digest. As a result, they make you feel sluggish and tired in the morning. In addition, they can also cause heartburn.

4. Pasta

The problem with eating pasta late at night is that it is a high-fat food and will almost certainly cause you to gain weight while you sleep. The carbohydrates in pasta quickly turn into fat, so it is not recommended to consume it before going to bed.

5. Bread

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Bread contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugars, which will increase your blood sugar level and cause your energy level to rise, thereby disrupting your sleep in the process. Since sugar triggers excessive insulin secretion, you may also wake up hungry for a few hours or in the morning.


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