3 Nigerian Foods that Are Very Good For People Above 40

As we grow older, our dietary needs may begin to change. The human body undergoes some hormonal changes as we age. These changes makes it necessary for us to also effect some changes in our diet so that we can remain resilient to sicknesses and extended our useful years.

In Nigeria, we inherited a number of good and nutritious foods that helped oui forefathers to live a long and healthy life which is also very potent in helping us to live a healthy life as we move into our grey years.

The following local foods are very good for people above 40.

1. Ewedu soup and Amala.

Ewedu soup and Amala is an Nigerian delicacy that is native to the Yorubas that live in western Nigeria. The soup is made with jute leaves, a green vegetable that is very nutritious as it is loaded with fiber, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins.

It may contain other ingredients such as crayfish, fish, meat, palm oil, pepper, etc.

The fufu is made with yam flour. This combination is very healthy for people above 40. Anybody can enjoy this food but yam flour is very good for aged people.

The rich fiber content of this delicacy and the low sugar makes very valuable for aging people.

2. Edikaikon soup with Yam flour or wheat flour.

Most Nigerians are familiar with edikaikon soup which is native to the Ibibio and Efik speaking communities of Cross river and Akwa Ibom states.

This soup’ is prepared with fluted pumpkin leaves and water leaves. It may contain other ingredients such as dried fish, crayfish, meat, periwinkle, and palm oil.

This soup is very rich in heart healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You don’t need not to be told how important green vegetables are for everybody especially aging people.

When you combine this soup with pounded yam or whole grains flour like wheat, it is a wonderful food for every body, most importantly people who are above 40.

Other Nigerian soups in this category include Afan soup and okra soup

According to health line, yam is a root vegetable that is very rich in fiber, calcium and many other minerals

3. Bitter leaves soup with pounded yam or wheat flour.

Bitter leaves soup is native to the Igbo speaking communities of Anambra state. It is prepared with bitter leaves, cocoyam, meat,fish, crayfish and palm oil.

Bitter leaves are good for heart and very rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. They may help to protect your heart and are very good for your guts.

Eating this soup with pounded yam or wheat flour makes a great diet especially for aging people.

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