This Is What Happened To A Woman Who Ate Nothing But Bananas For 12 Days

It’s no secret that bananas are healthy. Bananas are fibre rich fruits with a number of health benefits. Bananas have fructose, glucose, sucrose, fibre and contain a bit more calories than other fruits, vitamins and minerals.

Yulia Tarbath, a nutritionist and a motivational coach decided to eat nothing but bananas for 12 days to test the health benefits of bananas. She calls it banana island diet.

So what results did she get by just eating bananas for 12 days?

According to Yulia Tarbath, she noticed she had better digestion and no longer had stomach pains. She also noticed that her skin became softer and shiny naturally. Her body felt more flexible than ever and she lost weight naturally.

Yulia Tarbath noticed several health issues she had before her experiment also disappeared. She had high blood sugar, candida and hormonal imbalance before the experiment and they all went away after eating nothing but bananas for 12 days.

From Yulia’s experiment, we can see that mono-fruiting (one fruit diet for stipulated days) has great benefits if you plan on losing weight. It also has other great benefits for your overall health but it should also be noted that this isn’t suitable for everyone. Consult your doctor first before trying a mono-fruit diet.

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