How Onions Can Help You Save Money, Time And Cooking Gas

Onions are among those vegetables that can be classified as non leafy. They are found in the Allium genus, the same place where garlic is also seen. Onions are known for the unique aroma they grace foods with and for this reason, they are often of great demand as they are used in making foods taste and smell good.

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However, the advantage of onions to foods transcends a good aroma alone. This article shall enlighten on an economic use of onions that will save you money and cooking gas especially in the present condition where the price of cooking gas seems to climb incessantly.

Some legumes particularly beans are usually stubborn to heat and would hardly get softened unless cooked for exceedingly long durations. This on the other hand would inevitably have you exhaust volumes of cooking gas in having such food get softened. This is not what most people would wish for.

Here is how to employ onions when next you are cooking beans so as not to have your beans spend loads of time on fire.

Any way or recipe you wish to create with your beans as long as you don’t have to grind them to paste as in the case of Akara and moi-moi, you must surely need to parboil them.

After parboiling, before your second cooking, try adding some slices of onions to the pot of beans and then have it spend time on fire. The effects of these onion slices shall impact the seeds altering the protein bonds that are making them stubborn to heat and with that, your beans can quickly get softened saving your time as well as your cooking gas.

I personally have been doing this for quite a while now and it’s been helpful. You may want to check it out.

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