Dangerous list of 10 Nigerian foods no one should be eating

Nigerian Twitter user @olumuyiwa__ just shared this very hilarious list of top 10 Nigerian meals no one should be eating.

He listed some as something that looks like those ropes from bags of rice that they dipped into palm oil. Only suitable to eat when there’s widespread famine’, tool for vulgarizers and disaster meals.

See the full list below.

“A thread of Nigerian foods no one should be eating.

1. Abacha- this thing honestly looks like those ropes from bags of rice that they dipped into palm oil. Only suitable to eat when there’s widespread famine

2/10- will not recommend

Nigerian foods


2- Wheat. Why tf do people eat wheat?! Unless you’re 75, diabetic and dealing with a heart problem, for the love of God eat something else.

1.5/10 – will recommend only if you’re dying

Nigerian foods


3. Oka Baba: Made from Guinea corn, oka Baba was the earliest proof that humans could eat a$$. Just look at this mess

1/10- will not recommend under any circumstances

Nigerian foods


4. Eba- Let’s face it, there’s a reason why vulcanisers use eba to patch tyres

Do you know more than them?

4/10. Will only recommend for days when you’re already making poor choices

Nigerian foods


5. Ikokore (water yam porridge) Ijebu people might know how to chop life but for inventing this disaster of a meal, they don’t deserve good things. Ikokore is easily top 5 worst Nigerian meals

1/10- only to be eaten as penance for cheating on your partner

Nigerian foods


6. Ukwa The existence of Ukwa is still why Nigeria is not ready for an Igbo President. The thing doesn’t even look like it wants to be eaten but the Igbos have always been stubborn

2/10- will only recommend to feed your beggy beggy roommate

Nigerian foods


7. Miyan Kuka Hausa food that roughly translates to, “when you’re done cooking it, throw it into the nearest dust bin”.

2/10- Will recommend only for exorcism

Nigerian foods

Miyan kuka

8. Semovita/Semolina Semo is the underachieving brother of pounded yam. It might look like pounded yam (which is why some people mistakenly order it in the first place) but it is painfully mediocre

4/10- recommend for days when you doubt your self worth

Nigerian foods


9. Puff puff A mixture of nostalgia and mediocrity explains why we hate to admit that puff puff is nonsense. This shit is 99% oil and fresh air.

3/10- Will recommend only for when you’re foolish enough to buy a N500 pack of small chops

Nigerian foods

Puff puff

10. Palm oil rice This impostor might look like jollof rice but by god, it is Not jollof rice.

1/10- to be served only alongside green tea when a visitor shows up at your house uninvited

Nigerian foods

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