6 Breakfast Foods to Consider Apart from Tea and Bread

For most Nigerian families, breakfast consists of tea and bread. Because it is simple to prepare and many people believe it is a healthy breakfast alternative, this meal has been acknowledged as a decent breakfast option.

This isn’t the case, especially if you’re drinking tea with white bread. Your blood sugar is instantly spiked by the bread and sugar-sweetened tea, your body releases insulin and converts it to energy right away, and your body desires more food.

Some people finish this process before 11 a.m. You become upset as a result of this because you are hungry. A decent morning meal will provide you with important nutrients and will keep you full for a longer period of time, decreasing the tension associated with hunger before lunch.

Although sugar-sweetened tea with white bread does not achieve this goal, it is popular since it is quicker to prepare. Food should be planned ahead of time, and ample time should be allocated to it.

According to healthline, it is better to skip breakfast than to eat a bad breakfast. Below are some healthy breakfast options.

1. Yams Boiled Inside An Egg Sauce.

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Eggs are nutrient-dense meals that should be included in your breakfast. This is because experts have demonstrated that it can keep you full for extended periods of time.

It provides your body with the vital proteins it requires while also keeping you full, lowering your chances of overeating junk foods. You can eat them with yam, which is a wonderful source of carbohydrates. Yam is high in fiber and may not cause a blood sugar increase.

2. Eggs And Cereal For Breakfast.

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You can get an excellent morning cereal and pair it with some hard-boiled eggs from the store. This will satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time while also providing you with greater nourishment.

3. Plantain Boiled With Eggs.

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Many people prefer fried plantains to boiled plantains because they taste better. Unless you have a high-quality oil such as olive, avocado, or canola oil, boiling is the healthier option.

4. Oatmeal.

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Many Nigerian households are unaware of the significance of oatmeal. It’s probably the finest breakfast you’ve ever had. It has a significant amount of fiber, which helps people stay full for extended periods of time while also preventing blood sugar spikes.

Oats, on the other hand, are not always popular with all members of the family, particularly children, due to their low sugar content. To make it more appealing, add milk, almonds, eggs, or cheese.

5. Eggs and boiled potatoes.

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Boiled potatoes are high in nutrients, yet many Nigerians are familiar with them. Potatoes can be fried, but if you don’t have good oil, you should avoid it.

6. Fish And Plantain Porridge.

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Plantain porridge is simple to make yet can keep you satisfied for a long time. It’s just as nutritious and won’t raise your blood sugar levels.

Source: Healthline

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