3 Sitting Positions Every Woman Should Know

It is rather unfortunate that most women ignore the need to observe good sitting positions while in public. This is crucial as it has a way of presenting you to people.

As a lady, when you observe a good sitting position, it has a way of helping you health-wise, and people tend to respect you for that while in public.

Owning to the need to observe good sitting positions by women, we shall be looking at three sitting positions every woman should know.

1. Sitting Up Straight

As a woman, it is important that when you sit, try not to lean back into your chair. When out for a formal occasion, try as much to sit in the centre of the seat and avoid your back coming in contact with the chair.

2. Place your Hands In your Lap

The position of your hands while sitting as a woman goes a long way in ensuring your comfort.

While sitting, your hands should be in your lap and when not in use, keep them folded.

3. Sitting With Crossed Legs

It is rather unfortunate that most women miss this part. While it is advisable that you cross your legs in some occasions while sitting, some women still get it wrong.

When crossing your legs, ensure it is done gently at the knee, and in a manner that it will not raise your skirt’s hemline.

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