Her Dream Came True After Meeting The Man Of Her Dreams See What Happened To Them

Sinikiwe Kademaunga, a Zimbabwean life coach and influencer, has married her long-term partner, Reuben Zhiva. Sinikiwe made the announcement on media platforms many weeks after first revealing her man’s identity. Sinikiwe and Reuben met in 2017, and Reuben even feigned to be deaf and dumb in order to get her acceptance. She said that many informed her that Reuben was seeking her money, but that wasn’t the case because he established that his affections for her were real.

Sinikiwe announced on February 1st, 2021, that she and her partner were expecting a child, and she uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram. Sinikiwe was born with no hands or knees and dwarfism. During an interview with BTV, she revealed that when she was born, her family struggled to accept her condition. She maintains that she is unaware of her disability unless she is in situations that remind her of it. She stated that God had given her the knowledge and ability to go out there and be amazing and achieve whatever she wanted.

Despite her inability to use her hands, Sinikiwe can execute her own cosmetics as well as makeup for others. She went on to say that if people live their lives dependent on others, their confidence would suffer. We wish her and her spouse many years of happiness in their marriage. Sinikiwe was born with both wrists amputated and dwarfism. She grew up in Rusape’s Gandanzara district and was never raised by her parents. Nikki Kademaunga was taken by her grandma when she was two years old. She is the fifth and last child in a family of five, and the only one with a handicap. She attended St Faith’s Primary School, which was close to her home.

Every day, she walked two kilometers to school and another two kilometers home to complete her high school education. This was discovered by her at St Faith’s Mission. Kademaunga sees her academic life as enjoyable despite the distance. At Ordinary Level, she earned three As, four Bs, and one C. Nikki went on to obtain 10 points for her Advanced Levels at the same school. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Tell us what you think about this beautiful wedding on the comments.


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