Why Men Fall Asleep After An Intimate Experience With Their Partner But Ladies Don’t

The issue of couples having a good time together at night is a serious one that must be given proper attention to avoid unnecessary talks. If you observe, you’ll notice that most men tend to fall asleep after going intimate with their partner whereas ladies still remain awake after the experience.

Incase you are a lady that is wondering why your partner can not remain awake after you’ve both gone intimate, then here is an answer to your question. It is not that the man isn’t having time for you because he probably went outside before coming home or he is not interested in you and perhaps may not be enjoying the experience.

Health experts have proven that after a man reaches climax, his body chemistry changes which makes him to fall asleep. This is due to the release of a biochemical substance known as biochemical prolactin which makes him become tired and fall asleep.

Also, men get tired during the process due to the exertion of energy. They lost energy and as such fall asleep after the experience.

So when next your partner fall asleep after going intimate with you, don’t feel bad that he did not give you an after foreplay. This occur naturally in men.

As for ladies, they don’t easily fall asleep after the experience because they want to have a conversation and engage in post foreplay.

What was your experience having going intimate with your partner, share it?

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