What Men Who Are Considering Penis Enlargement Should Know

Men who have in the past housed the thought of enlarging the size of their private organ made that decision based on the following – lack of self confidence, what they have read or heard about the importance of size in women’s pleasure and satisfaction, and also their desire to satisfy their wives by every means humanly possible.

However, no matter what may be the driving force behind making attempt to increase the size of your private part, take note of the following:

1. Know your size. Sometimes, according to available information, some men who feel the size of their private part is too small may be having an average size, but due to some myths about what is considered “small”, they feel intimidated and depressed by the size they have. To know the size of your private organ, you should press a ruler into the groin, then take the measurement from the base of it to the top.

2. Know the measurement of an average size. According to a medical content, the following measurement is medically acceptable as average size: The length measures 3.6 in (9.1 cm) when flaccid and 5.2 in (13.1 cm) when erect.

The girth measures as 3.66 (9.31 cm) around and 4.59 (11.66 cm) in while erect. If your private part falls under this category, you are already having an average size, regardless of what you have heard about sizes that are acceptable.

3. The risks involved in private organ enlargement. Regardless of the pattern of enlargement you may wish to employ, being if through surgery or hormone treatment, there are some underlying medical risks that can endanger your health in the future.

4. Know if you are having a fertile semen. Primarily, lovemaking was aimed at procreation. If you have a fertile semen that can make fertilization to happen, it may be needless to take the risk of increasing the size of your private part.

5. How knowledgeable and skillful you are in love making. Aside p3netration, there are other lovemaking activities you can use in satisfying your partner (assuming you have the kind of size that is smaller than the average size. You don’t need a big size before you can be able to satisfy your woman..

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Source || medical news today

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