In America: Check Out What Nigerian Man, Mr. Patrick Was Seen ‘Pounding’ On The Highway (Video)

Mr. Patrick is a Nollywood actor and comedian who was seen displaying one of his numerous talents on the highway, in America.

There is no doubt that actors and most especially comedians can do anything to make people be amused by their crafts, but there are some crafts comedians display that might look disgraceful to some viewers. In this video that was shared by Mr. Patrick himself via his social media page, he was seen In the middle of the highway pounding yam very seriously.

Mr. Patrick, however, said that what he wants to be doing at the moment, is for him to be pounding yam on the highway and be disturbing America.

Some people who watched the video were disappointed and they feel that he is abusing his privilege to live in America and if he is not careful with his comedy crafts, he can be deported back home.

See how people reacted below👇

Do you think Mr. Patrick is taking comedy craft too far in another man’s land?

Do you find the video funny or otherwise?

Let’s have your opinion in this regard, thank you.

Source: Mr. Patrick.

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