Why Some People Have Cheek Dimples And How You Can Medically Get It

You may find it attractive to see dimples on some people’s face. Dimples are small indentations, that can be found on different places of the body. Cheek dimples can be found on both sides of the mouth, or it can be on one side. Cheek dimples can occur when there is a change in the facial muscle called, zygomaticus major. This muscles helps to raise the corners of your mouth anytime you smile. When you don’t have dimples, the zygomaticus major muscle starts at a bone in your cheek called the zygomatic bone, and it goes down joining to the corner of your mouth.

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When you have a dimple, the zygomaticus major muscle may divide into two different muscles when it goes down to the mouth. One of the muscles joins at the corner of the mouth, while the other connects below the corner of the mouth, and it is also tied to the skin above it. When the muscle divides, it is called double zygomaticus major muscle. Your skin moving over the double zygomaticus major muscle when you smile, creates the dimples on your cheek.

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How to get cheek dimples

If you don’t have dimples on your cheek, you can create one through a plastic surgery called dimpleplasty. You can go to a surgeon or to a dermatologist, to carry out a dimpleplasty on your face. It is important to know that you may experience some side effects, when carrying out this surgery. They include the following:

1. Bleeding.

2. Nerve damage on your face.

3. Infection on the face.

4. You may have a permanent mark on your face.

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