Some Nigerian foods That’re Very Easy To Cook At Home

You will agree with me when I say as a Nigerian, we are blessed with a lot of variety of foods. With over 250 ethnic group in Nigeria, our meals are mouth watering that even tourist from different country loves it. With different climate change, comes different varieties of food.

In the midst of this exciting and intriguing diversity,we have very common dish that are easy to cook in a lot of homes. These Nigerian dishes are easy and straightforward. So I’ll be mentioning some Nigerian meals that are not difficult to make but very delicious to eat.


It’s no news that every cooked rice must be best served with the tomatoes stew. If you are new to Nigerian cuisine, this should be the fist meal to try out. The Nigerian Tomato stew is primarily made up of tomatoes, peppers, onions (tomato stew base) and spices. It is delectable and easy to make. It is eaten with most staples, white rice, bread, yam, pasta, beans, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, etc.


This meal is a culinary symbol of Nigeria. As Nigerians, we are very passionate about this dish. In every homes, etres, restaurants and roadside sellers, the Jollof rice is largely consumed. Its cooked with a very rich tomatoes sauce. Very common and easy to cook. But very delicious and mouth watering.


It’s one of the Nigeria “National dishes” that’s largely enjoyed. Okra soup (Lady’s finger or gumbo) is cooked in almost every homes today in Nigeria. 

The methods of preparation vary, sometimes even within the same community, most people fry their okro, while others prefer to add it raw to their soup. Which ever the case maybe, it is very nutritious, common and easy to cook in your homes. Best served with eba, fufu and pounded yam.


I always love to call this food “National soup” because Its most universal of all the Nigerian soup. Egusi is melon seed which is shelled and ground into a powder before use in the soup. It is nutty and mildly sweet, with the rich oil from the egusi seeds making it taste delectable. Its so versatile and can be paired with a number of soups also e. g like the ogbono soup and its best served with fufu and eba or even the white rice. Its very common and can be enjoyed in a lot of homes. 

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