OPINION | Ramaphosa Has the Most Beautiful Daughter inlaw Who Is a Foreigner, See Here photos



As a public figure, everyone wants to know about Ramaphosa’s private life. Ramaphosa is one of those people who don’t disclose their personal lives, other than those who know them closely. Many people have no information at all about his personal wife. The reason why he might prefer to keep his personal life private is that, as a leader, there are so many people who target you and long for your downfall. Such people might use your family or personal life to bring you down. Well, in this article, I will disclose a little information about Ramaphosa’s family. As a country, we deserve to know a little bit about our leaders. That is why I created this article. Read more


Dr. Tshepo Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa are married and have four children together. When they wed in 1996, they had been together for a long time. Andile Ramaphosa is the couple’s first child, and he is the couple’s firstborn. By the end of the year 2021, he is expected to be 39 years old. His wife and children reside with him in Johannesburg, as well as a number of other members of his extended family. 



As previously asked, the president’s family was not allowed to stay at the Pretoria presidential home. Cyril’s first wife, Hope Ramaphosa, gave birth to Andile, the eldest child of the couple. For the past decade, his life has been enriched by the love he has shared with the woman he met on a work trip to Uganda in 2008.


It’s no coincidence that Andile Ramaphosa is the father of Amama Mbabazi’s child; she is the daughter of the former Ugandan Prime Minister. It was a wonderful traditional wedding ceremony in 2018 that brought them together.


See more pictures of their wedding below:


The woman he is married to is named Bridget Birungi. The president of Uganda and his father were both invited to the wedding. There is one child in the household, and he is the only one. She is indeed a beautiful bride.

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