Meet Princess Qajar, The Beauty Symbol of Persia For Whom 13 Men Committed Suicide

Princess Fatemah Khanum, popularly known as Princess Qajar, is considered to be a symbol of Persian beauty even today. However, there are many facts about this royalty that are unknown to people. 

She was definitely considered beautiful. In the Qajar dynasty period Persian beauty standards were radically different.

 Masculine beauty was seen as the ideal, even for workmen. Things we may consider unattractive today, such as unibrows, miustaches on ladies, double chins were seen as very attractive. 

Princess Qajar was, in fact, the most photographed woman of her time. Well, her numerous pictures available in the archives and of course, the internet is proof of that. She was indeed a symbol of Persian beauty and her photographs are subject of interest among intellectuals even now.

I’m inclined to believe that the woman is Zahra es-saltaneh. She was a princess in the late 1800s, and a super influential feminist, being one of the first to forgo the veil. 

She had 145 suitors of high nobility, and 13 of them committed suicide because of her refusal to marry them. Princess Qajar was married to Amir Hussein Khan Shoja’-al Saltaneh at age of 12.

Reference/Photo credit: Wikipedia

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