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3 Habits To Cultivate For Having Red Lips

Most people would love to have red lips because it has a way of beautifying the face, there are things you can start doing on a daily basis that would increase the chances of you having red lips.

1) Use Tooth Brush

This can be done every morning when you are brushing your teeth and at night before going to bed. This simple trick has been used by many to achieve the kind of lip colour they desire. It is important to note that you should not use excessive force when brushing your lips but instead rub it back and forth in a gentle manner.

2) Drink Water Constantly

It obvious that people tend to have cracked lips when they are dehydrated. There is no way for that kind of lips to get the reddish colour that you desire. Learn to always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

3) Lick your Lips

This is also a good way to keep your lips hydrated, you can lick your lips always or if you can’t do this try applying “Lip Moisturizer” so that you can have what is known as “wet lips”.

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