Might be staged: Mixed reactions as photographer transforms 19-year-old petrol attendant into model

  • The video of a young lady who was sighted by a photographer and turned into a model has got people talking
  • The 19 year old identified as Pelumi works as a petrol attendant in a fuel station and she revealed that she is trying to save enough money to further her education
  • The photographer’s team got to work, glammed Pelumi up and wowed many with the amazing transformation

Opportunities meet people at different places and situations and such was recently the case of a young lady called Pelumi.

The photographer who shared the video which has made the rounds on social media revealed that he saw the 19-year-old at a fuel station where she worked as an attendant.

Petrol attendant turned model
Pelumi undergoes amazing transformation
Photo credit: @saba_dee
Source: Instagram

The young lady revealed that she is hoping to save enough money to further her education and when she was asked if she would give modelling a shot and get paid as well, she agreed.

The Photographer’s team got to work by fixing her hair, doing makeup and providing appropriate costume.

The photographer revealed that Pelumi was a natural and her photos turned out well.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians react


“It’s nice hope it’s not staged.”


“I know this girl at Weeldrop filling station in Ibadan. Not so far to Agidigbo FM. It is real.”


“This is lovely, even though it’s probably staged.”


“this is so wholesome.”


“Even if she doesn’t blow like Olajumoke the fact that she was photographed and glammed up and made to look and feel like a queen will blow her mind. It will even boost her confidence and self esteem.”


“She’s absolutely beautiful.”


“Omo there are beautiful things in the streets.”

Girl with brown hair & eyes found on the street becomes model

The story of a beautiful young girl with brown hair and eyes changed for the better after being discovered and signed to a modelling agency.

The founder of Kid Models Africa saw Oyinyechi on the street walking home with her sister and he instantly took a liking to her. He followed the young girl home to see her parent.

According to a post on @kidmodelsafrica, Oyinyechi used to live in a batcher with her parent but the government evicted all the dwellers and they had nowhere to stay.

Source: Legit

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