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Jambalaya Pasta — Leave the take-out menu and make this delicious restaurant-quality cajun/creole jambalaya pasta made with chicken, sausage, and shrimps. It comes together in about 30 minutes!

Jambalaya pasta served in a black plate

Jambalaya Pasta

Jambalaya pasta is a hearty and colorful pasta dish bursting with shrimps, chicken, and sausage — tons of flavor!.

If you’ve had jambalaya and you love pasta, then this is the dish for you. It’s next level cajun food.

You really don’t need much else to serve alongside it, but you could make a green salad or bake a crusty loaf bread to serve along with it if you feel inspired.

Jambalaya pasta seved in a black bowl garnished with parsley

What is Jambalaya pasta?

Many of us are familiar with jambalaya — a delicious dish made with meat, vegetables, and rice. However, jambalaya pasta might be pretty new to some of us.

Jambalaya Pasta is a bit of a fusion dish since pasta isn’t common for traditional Creole food, but that also makes it a satisfying change of pace from both Creole and other pasta dishes. 

This recipe is fairly straightforward, but following the instructions and tips below will sure going to make it one of your favorites!

Watch how to make jambalaya pasta:

How long to make Jambalaya Pasta?

This dish can be completed in 30 to 40minutes.

Is Jambalaya Pasta spicy? 

The short answer is “yes” (it wouldn’t be Creole if it wasn’t!), but you can always vary your ingredients, specifically by reducing the amount of Cajun seasoning and red pepper flakes.

What meats do you need for Jambalaya? 

Personally, I love the blend of chickenshrimp, and, andouille sausage for my Jambalaya. Their distinct flavors make every bite deliciously unique! However, you can include or withhold any meats you wish for this dish, and even make it vegetarian by substituting in zucchini and vegetable stock.

picture showing jambalaya pasta raised with a spoon

What pasta for this recipe? 

This recipe uses fettuccine, which is perfect for heartier sauces and the meats used in this dish. Of course, you are welcome to use whatever pasta you prefer, but pastas like fettucine and farfalle help to hold the sauce! Whichever pasta you use, make sure you only cook it al dente initially so that it’s not overcooked when combined with the jambalaya, and do not rinse it.

What to serve with Jambalaya Pasta? 

This dish has almost everything, but greens are a great side dish that you won’t get from the pasta—collard greens matches the Creole flavor of the jambalaya, but I would prefer serving with some crunch like asparagus or a slice or two of french bread.

Flavor Variations:

  • Substitute meats as desired, or make it vegetarian with vegetable stock and no meat
  • Control the spiciness by adding the Cajun seasoning and red pepper flakes to taste

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