I married as a virgin, God revealed my wedding date; 55-year-old woman who wedded for the 1st time speaks

  • A 55-year-old Nigerian woman who recently tied the knot for the first time in her life has stated that God revealed her wedding date to her
  • The lady Esther Bamiloye who is an evangelist married a 62-year-old bachelor identified as Isaac Bakare in Osun State
  • Esther stated that her husband who makes a living as an artisan was never married in his life before they met

Against all odds like 64-year-old Erumena Amata, a 55-year-old Nigerian woman got married to her man for the first time in her life.

Esther Bamiloye, an evangelist tied the knot to a 62-year-old man Isaac Bakare she affirmed has never been married before.

55-year-old Nigerian woman who married for the 1st time says God revealed her wedding date
She hadn’t dated any man before her eventual marriage
Photo Credit: Punch
Source: UGC

Esther said she married as a virgin

In an interview with Punch, Esther stated that she kept her chastity till she eventually got married.

The lady who makes a living as a garment producer said she kept on waiting on God for a miracle and was never in any relationship.

“The devil had plans to stop me from getting married. When I felt I was ready, there was no man coming for me. I kept waiting on God for a miracle till I reached 55-years. I never dated anyone till I got married.”

Her relationship was planned by God

Esther narrated that she met her heartthrob at a program in Ilesa.

On whether she nursed fears of the relationship not working out, the evangelist replied in the negative stressing that God had it all planned out.

How God revealed her wedding date

Esther stated that God actually revealed her wedding date to her as well as the description of her man-to-be.

In addition, God also gave her his whereabouts.

“God even revealed our wedding date, which was October 29, 2021. The period between our meeting and wedding was really short. I give God all the glory for remembering me after all these years.”

Young lady marries secondary school classmate after 17 years

Meanwhile, previously reported that a young Nigerian lady had married her secondary school classmate after 17 years.

The excited lady took to her Instagram page to share photos of their secondary school graduation photos in 2004 side by side with their 2021 wedding pictures.

According to the lady, she and her lover have been friends for the past 17 years and only dated for a little more than a year before sealing it with marriage in 2021.

Remarking on their 2004 high school graduation photos, the newest bride in town said the photographer had placed them at the centre flanked by their colleagues due to their small height in comparison with their classmates.


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