Crispy Air Fryer Baby Potatoes | fast and easy!

Crispy Air Fryer Baby Potatoes: Delicious baby potatoes with a flavorsome spice rub, cooked in the air fryer until crispy on the outside and hot and fluffy in the middle. Simple, fast, and the perfect accompaniment to any summer meal.

Air fryer crispy baby potatoes served in a white bowl

Air fryer baby potatoes recipe

As a potato lover, I am always looking for new ways to cook them. These gorgeous air fryer crispy baby potatoes offer the satisfying crunch and succulent flesh of a beautifully roasted potato, with an exciting twist and in just 20 minutes. They are a delicious accompaniment to any meat or fish and always a favorite at sunny summer barbecues.

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Here is the air fryer I use COSORI smart wifi air fryer. It is big enough for a large family but you can also get it in smaller sizes if you prefer that.

Baby potatoes

I use new/ early/ baby potatoes for this recipe. Baby potatoes are dug up from the ground before they are fully matured and are in season during the spring and summer months. As a result, they have a sweeter flavor and denser texture than larger potatoes. In addition, they hold up well in the direct heat of the air fryer, developing a tasty, crispy skin while staying fluffy inside. 

You can use any other variety of small potatoes you find. It will work just fine.

Air fryer baby potattoes

What is in the spice rub for these air fryer crispy baby potatoes?

All you need is a few pantry staples; 

  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder 
  • Paprika
  • Thyme
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • and, of course, salt to turn these potatoes into little mouthfuls of heaven.

How to make crispy Baby Potatoes in an air fryer

  1. Wash the potatoes: Some baby potatoes come prewashed, so you can skip this step if yours came prewashed. If otherwise, be sure to wash off all the dirt off the potatoes before cooking them.
  2. Dry well: Be sure to dry them very well. It will help the potatoes develop crispy skin.
  3. Season: divide the potatoes into two halves. Add all the seasoning, spices, and oil and mix very well. You want all the potatoes to be well covered with the seasoning.
  4. Cook: I just cook my potatoes straight up in the air fryer. I don’t preheat. However, I’m aware air fryer brands differ, and some might require pre-heating. In that case, you can preheat for 5 minutes before cooking the potatoes. Cook potatoes till crispy on the outside and fork-tender on the inside.

I created these delicious air fryer crispy baby potatoes while experimenting with my favorite toy, our air fryer! The intensely hot blast of air within these machines cooks food quickly and evenly. It gives anything you cook in it an incredible crispness while preserving the softness inside. 

Since getting my air fryer, I have used it almost daily to cook delicious food in fast and simple ways. The possibilities are endless. Please take a look at some of my other air fryer recipes for inspiration, and get air frying!

Crispy Air fried potatoes served with Air fried Chicken drumsticks

What can I serve with these crispy baby potatoes?

These little potatoes pack a big punch of flavor and are great on their own. But for a complete evening meal or the perfect barbecue, why not try them alongside any meat or fish, perhaps rubbed with fiery Jamaican jerk seasoning and served with my make-ahead 7 layer salad. 

More potato recipes.

We are huge fans of potatoes in my home, and you will find many more exciting potato recipes to try on my website. Here are some of my favorites.

Recipe Notes.

  1. To check whether the potatoes are cooked through, use a sharp knife, a fork, or a wooden skewer to pierce into them. When they are nicely cooked, you should feel little to no resistance. If they feel hard, put them back in the air fryer for another couple of minutes until they are ready. 
  2. Don’t peel the baby potatoes; the skin is the part that gives that moorish crispness. 

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