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You frequently see Wall Geckos or Lizards at every corner of your house, this what it means!

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Wall Geckos are social small reptiles that can be found around homes and our surroundings.

Mere looking at wall geckos, many people get scared of it and don’t like seeing them around their surroundings and some do attached it to spirituality anytime they sight them.

Wall Geckos are house friendly, even those who lives at an residential areas, estates, do see wall geckos around their walls everywhere around the walls of their house but their might be some measures to get rid of them by mixing garlic and salts and place them at every corner of your house or rooms.

If you now frequently see or sight wall geckos at every corner of your rooms or house, this might what it possibly means!


Many thinks Wall Geckos despite being house friendly and social reptiles as lizards, they can’t be spiritually attached but it’s not true, seeing constant wall geckos every now and then at the corners of your rooms might spiritual, it’s a sign that someone’s life might a little bit slow and that person may be disposed to getting sick every time.

Satanic agents use this to slow someone life and get someone’s destiny. If a new baby is born and satanic agents sees that such child might be of great destiny, they go inform of lizards or Wall Geckos anytime they take bath for the child but many don’t noticed this, they crawled through the thrown bathed water but only spiritual inclined people can noticed this, if you bath for your new babies, it’s advice you bath him/her in a bath tub and discharged the water by flushing off, get rid of any lizards or geckos around your homes anytime you sight them during a child’s birth and bath, you may think it’s natural but some geckos are not natural as you think!


Aside from spiritually attached wall geckos, some might not mean to be harmful, they just come around to chase after cockroaches and eat tiny insects, if you are someone that have cockroaches around your homes, it’s possible you see cockroaches around your room corners, what you only need to do is to chase them off by mixing salt and garlic together and put at every corner of your rooms, also, mix snipers with kerosene, apply to every corner of your rooms, it won’t only chase them off, it choke and kills them.

Hope this helps

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