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What It Means When You Always Cry While Cutting Onions.

Have you ever wondered why you always cry while cutting onions? Well, you’re going to find out the reason in this article. Onions are a very popular type of vegetables that is mainly used for cooking. It can be included in a wide range of meals such as stew, soups, beans porridge, rice, egg sauce and lots more.  

So many people can’t cook a meal without including onions, including you, yes you. However, when you start thinking about the fact that it will make you start shedding unnecessary tears, you’ll start feeling discouraged and start thinking of something else to use. Too bad, because onions has no substitute and it makes your food more delicious and healthy. 

The reason why onions makes you cry. 

Onions is a type of food product that grows underground. And as they continue to grow, they absorb a lot of sulfur, a toxic substance from the soil. Onions also contain a very special and rare type of enzyme that can’t be found anywhere else. 

The sulfurous molecules and enzymes remain inside the onions and living separately. But then, that first chop or slice causes the sulfur and enzymes to combine in a reaction that creates sulfuric acid. This acid quickly evaporates into a kind of gas, which goes up into your eyes and causes excess tears.

The real reason why your eyes must tear up. 

The truth is, your eyes start shedding tears mainly to protect your eyes from the dangerous sulfuric acid. Crying is a type of reflex action that occurs in the process of cutting the onions. And it can’t be prevented except when you’re wearing eyeglass or a protective gear like most people do these days. The more you cry, the more your tears pushes away the sulfuric acid from hurting your eyes.

Source: and Medlineplus.

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