Rare photos of Mercy Johnson’s grown-up stepchildren and husband Prince Odi’s ex-wife hit social media

  • A social media user on Facebook has unearthed old pictures from Mercy Johnson’s husband’s former marriage
  • The lady identified as Rita Egwu shared the pictures on her page while wondering if Prince Odi Okojie is still showing up for his ex-wife and their children
  • Egwu returned in a different post with more grown-up pictures of the children and their mother while sharing some candid words with fellow women

A Nigerian lady identified as Rita Egwu has taken to social media with a series of pictures showing Mercy Johnson’s husband Prince Odi Okojie with his ex-wife and their children.

Egwu, in a caption that accompanied the post, pointed accusing fingers at Prince Odi while noting that he simply remarried and started building a new family.

Prince Odi's ex-wife and children
Prince Odi Okojie spotted with his ex-wife and kids.
Photo: Rita Egwu
Source: Facebook

She went as far as suggesting that the man may not be taking care of his children with the ex-wife.

Egwu wrote:

“This was in 2011 but seriously what really is this? Like no divorce, you just remarry and start building a new family? It must hurt really badly to see your husband building a new family while perhaps neglecting his other children. I can never understand this but I’m lost for words.”

Kids now grown

In a different post, Egwu disclosed that she found the social media page of Prince Odi’s ex-wife and saw grown-up photos of the woman and her kids.

Egwu heaped accolades on her for doing a good job with nurturing the children while also offering some words of prayers for her.

She continued by dishing out words of advice to fellow women who have ex-husbands.

According to her, women should ensure that even after separation, the man takes full responsibility for his children.

See screenshots of her post below:

Mercy Johnson's grown-up stepchildren surface on social media
Photos of Mercy Johnson’s grown-up stepchildren surface on social media.
Photo: Rita Egwu
Source: Facebook

Lady who called out Mercy Johnson over school drama seeks her forgiveness

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian lady, Nancy Chidera, who dragged Mercy Johnson-Okojie online came back to withdraw her hurtful words.

The lady who verbally attacked Mercy over an issue involving her daughter’s school explained that she was misinformed while seeking the film star’s forgiveness.

Nancy’s apology video stirred mixed reactions from members of the online community with many bashing her.

Source: Legit

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