MISS Belgium🇹🇩 2021 finds her biological father who abandoned her after the death of her mother at the age of 8 in Ethiopia 🇪🇹.

KEDIST DELTOUR, the current Miss Belgium, returned to Ethiopia, to her country of origin to meet her biological dad who abandoned her when she was 8 years old, the emotion was obviously palpable.

It’s a moment that she has repeated hundreds of times in her head and it finally arrived this Friday. 🇪🇹. Goal? Met her biological dad who abandoned her when her mom died when KEDIST was 8 years old; the girl was then adopted by a Belgian family


This Friday barely a few hours after having landed in Addis Ababa 🇪🇹 the miss accompanied by her half-brother who lives in Paris and who had also made the trip, it is presented to her dad. The man left, the tears with her eyes, and jumped into her daughter’s arms before thanking Heaven for this moment of intense emotion, under the watchful eye of Belgian cameras and photographers.
The MISS, very happy, in this Belgian family, needed answers and in particular to know why her father had abandoned her to start a new life with another woman.

I was poor and at that time, I didn’t have enough to feed you I was a delivery man and it was hard for me >>>, he explained to his daughter, sobs in his voice .

<<< As a child, its destroyed me. I will never forget >>>. He answered his daughter.

KADIST was very small When her mother died of cancer in Ethiopia 🇪🇹. At the time, his father was remarried and he took absolutely no care of KADIST, his brother and his sister “His wife was so wicked a real witch”, remembers KADIST. The story of Cinderella, but in real life. To have the right to drink I had to first walk for an hour. We have almost nothing to eat. She even hit me.

What about her father in all that? “He let her do it. The man didn’t want to have his children anymore. He therefore decided in an orphanage in the country.” I have a new life, “he told them before leaving them. I still don’t understand today how he could have done this to us. I was so angry with him,” explained the youngster. wife.

Today the young woman had the opportunity to have some answers on this painful past.

Who, however, ended up replacing the anger with the happiness of discovering this new family. KADIST for her part that she has forgiven them both and that she no longer has anything bad or resentful in her heart 💓❤️ ..

KADIST met his 3 little brother, aged 6, 10 and 13, the family lives in a tin house in the heart of the popular district of Yaka, in the capital.

The smiles and looks at the end of the meeting were not deceiving, in any case, not: It’s two-she will stay in touch and KADIST has clearly found a new family. She then went to her maternal grandfather to, again, recreate links. This Saturday, She should go to meditate at her mother’s grave.

Miss Belgium’s trip in the footsteps of her childhood is, in any case, a moment that she has long awaited and dreamed of and which, this Friday has become a reality. ??? 😭😭😭😭😭

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