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Health Benefits Of Drinking Kunu Aya

Kunu Aya is a popular drink that is prevalent in Nigeria and this drink is loved by many people because of its nutrient. Kunu Aya which is also called tiger nut milk has so many health benefits but not everyone knows about these health benefits. Below are a few benefits of drinking Kunu Aya.

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1. Kunu Aya is rich in nutrients.

Kunu Aya has so many nutritional values which include;

Dietary fibres: 2-7 grams.

Protein: 1 gram.

Vitamin C: 2-8%.

Calories:/103 – 121.

Carbohydrate: 9 grams.

Fat: 7-9 grams.

Potassium: 3-5%.

Zinc: 5-7%.

Magnesium: 7%.

Phosphorus: 9- 11%.

Calcium: 1%.

2. Rich in dietary Fibres.

Dietary fibres In kunu Aya is very important to the gastrointestinal tract because it helps prevent gastritis and cancer of the bowels. It also helps to prevent or ease constipation by absorbing water from the intestine (large) into the faeces to soften it and thus allowing easy defecation.

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3. Fight Against Cardiovascular Diseases.

Kunu Aya contains monounsaturated fatty acid ( it has low cholesterol levels) and the presence of vitamin E also increase oxidative resistance and prevent atherosclerosis. It is also rich In arginine which prevents clogging in blood vessels which can lead to high blood pressure and even heart attack.

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4. Increase Libido.

Kunu Aya acts as an Aphrodisiac which helps boost libido. According to research, kunu Aya contains arginine which helps to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs.

5. They contain antioxidants.

Kunu Aya contains antioxidant which helps to mob out free radicals from the body and thus prevent the formation of cancers. It also helps your body to absorb nutrient faster and also help prevent ageing.

6. It helps reduce Blood sugar levels.

Kunu Aya helps prevent hyperglycemia due to the fibre content and arginine which is present in kunu Aya helps increase insulin sensitivity and this helps in the management of diabetes Mellitus.

7. Reduce Inflammation.

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