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For Mothers: Reasons Why Your Family Members Don’t Enjoy Most Of The Meals You Prepare

A lot of mothers have been facing the problem of their family members not enjoying their meals. So many women have been trying to find out, but they haven’t been able to discover the reason why it happens that way. You’ll find out after going through this brief write-up.

1. You don’t take your time to garnish the meals; You need to understand that people first rate your meal when they see it even before they taste it and most times when they see the meal and it doesn’t look palatable, they just make up their minds that the food isn’t tasty and with that mindset, they won’t enjoy the meal. For instance, rice and stew can be garnished with vegetables like sliced carrots, cucumbers, onions, and garden eggs.


2. You don’t add the different ingredients in their right proportion; None of the ingredients used in cooking should be in excess. Make sure you carefully measure them.

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