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6 things you might be doing every day that is bad for your health

They are some things you do all the time that have the potential to do some harm, maybe contributing to sickness or injury in the short time or more serious concerns in the long run. In this article we will be looking at the various things you might be doing everyday that is bad for the health.

1) Nail biting

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A nervous tic that a lot of people have, biting your fingernails doesn’t just convey a sense of anxiety, and insecurity. We carry a lot of bacteria underneath the fingertips, your fingertips touch a lot of different things, so don’t welcome all that bacteria into your mouth, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems or sickness.

2) Holding in fart

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It’s not you, blame society for this one. Holding in fart for a long periods of time is definitely bad for you, as you might suspect from how awful its feel to do it. Research has shown that holding them back can cause severe bloating, and stomach discomfort.

3) Washing hair too often

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Many of you are shampooing your hair more than you need to, maybe even more than you should. In general, thicker, curlier hair can benefit from being washed every other day rather than everyday.

4) Watching TV right before bed

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The artificial bright lights in TV stimulate the brain, and can disrupt your melatonin levels, which are needed for sleep.

5) Holding in sneeze

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Ever hold up a sneeze out of politeness, trying to stay quiet? Well, it turns out to be a bad idea. “Our sneezes move at up to 100 miles per hour, so holding it in, in extreme cases, can cause fractures in nasal cartilage, nose bleeding, or even detached retina”, white says.

6) Sitting too much

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University of California, university of Sydney in Australia, and everywhere in between have linked frequent sitting to increased risk of heart disease, worse mental health, and other issues, even for those who get regular exercise.


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