5 Igbo Traditional Soups You Should Try Out (Photos)

The Igbo tribe of the south eastern part of Nigeria are recognized for their special delicacies. They have several meals that would leave your taste buds wanting for more. This is also a reason why men want to get married to Igbo women due to the fact that they would be getting numerous sumptuous meals. The Igbo people are also known for some unique soups that are specially made to satisfy your cravings.

Below are five Igbo soups that you should try:

1. Ofe Nsala

This is considered the king of all soups. If you should go to an Igbo person’s home and your are served Nsala soup, you should note that they respect your visitation. It can also be said that they want you to be part of their family. Furthermore, they give this soup to nursing mothers as the lack of oil in this soup is appealing to them.

2. Ofe Oha

This is also one of the most common soups in the Igbo tribe. The Oha tree usually grows in Enugu state, although a lot of Igbos hold this delicious soup very dear. It would be advisable for you to go to the nearest restaurant where they sell Oha and enjoy the delicacy.

3. Ofe Akwu

Ofe Akwu is yet another famous soup in the Igbo tribe. It is the palm nut soup, when it is made properly can be eaten with rice as well. The Igbo people use fufu to eat this delicious soup.

4. Ofe Onugbu

The meaning of Onugbu is bitterleaf. You could be amazed at how bitterleaf soup could become very sweet. This soup can make you lose your concentration and it goes very well with Eba or Pounded yam.

5. Ofe Egusi 

This is one of the most common Igbo soups in the East. The Egusi soup is a very delicious soup, especially when you eat it with Pounded yam. The Egusi soup is prepared in several ways but in the end, it still comes out very delicious.

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