4 Things The Addiction To Watching Adult Movies Can Cause You

Adult movies, popularly known as blue films by many, is a type of movie that has a native impact to the human brain, also a native impact to the lifestyle of a person who is addicted to it.

It may surprise you that adult movies can also affect the performance of a person during intimacy, if the person is addicted to watching them.

Below 4 bad things, the addiction to watching adult movies can cause to a human. Read carefully, so you can be enlightened of the bad effect of watching blue films regularly.

1. From my first research, it made me to understand that the addiction to watching adult movies, can affect one’s social life, and also has the power to change your whole perspective on the opposite gender.

This is true because, addiction to watching blues films, will make you see your partner or lover, as just an object of pleasure, rather than seeing your partner with emotions and play deep love, you will just see your partner as pleasure tool.

2. Next bad effect of adult movie addiction, as gotten from my research from the Max Planck Institution, proves that the addiction to adult movies, can cause some part of the human brain, that is linked with pleasure. This means your sense of pleasure will be reduced. 

3. Next, I found out that people who are addicted to watching adult movies (blue films), are not having complete satisfaction with their s*xual life.

This is true because when you’re fully addicted to adult movies, as a man you can lose interest quickly in your lover because you will be comparing them to those actors you watch on screen, and many men may expect their partners to be as perfect as those on screen, and they are not? He lost interest.

4. According to my little research, it proves that the excessive watching of adult movies, is among the solid reasons why most men do find it difficult to get a complete er*ction, during love making.

Secondly, the excessive watching of adult movie, can cause a man to have less pleasure or joy, during intimacy with his or her lover.

So please, avoid been addicted to watching blue films because it has more negative impact to your health.

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