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30 snacks and breakfast ideas you can make from bread

Bread is a famous food that is enjoyed and eaten by many. it’s a dough made from cereals. bread is a slight food that is eaten as breakfast by millions of people, it can be eaten and enjoyed with tea, drinks, sauce, butter, fish and eggs or maybe eaten plain. this dough can be used in making various kinds of snacks and breakfast because of how easy and quick it is.

Bread are commonly used in India for making snacks and breakfast of different kinds and this is practiced in many India homes and streets. and some parts of the world has adapt the Indian cuisine of making snacks and breakfast from bread.

1. Bread pakora

2. Bread rolls

3. Bread veda

4. Bread ball

5. Bread samosa

6. Bread omelette sandwich

7. Veggie mayonnaise sandwich

8. Potato toast sandwich

9. Masala cheese french toast

10. Panner sandwich

11. Bread halwa

12. Paneer stuffed bread fritters

13. Breakfast boondi rolls

14. Bread cheese cake

15. Bread meat loaf

16. Bread cheese

17. Grilled sandwich

18. Bread basan toast

19. Sandwich club

20. Tomato finger sandwich

21. Cheesy garlic bread

22. Paneer toast

23. Egg toast

24. Capsicum cheese toast

25. Masala bread

26. Besan bread toast

27. Mushroom bugger

28. Bread salad

29. Bread pudding

30. Gaucamole toast

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